A Few Drinks Before Driving Could Land You in Jail or Worse

Call an Experienced DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO to Defend Your Rights

A DUI conviction can cost you your license, your job, or worse, if you don't have smart legal representation to fight for you in both the criminal courts and on the DMV administrative side of a case. Lipka Law Colorado, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO has extensive experience fighting DUI charges and counseling clients to minimize a DUI's affect on jobs, driving privileges, and family life.

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We'll Represent You After a DUI Charge and Guide You Through the DMV Process

In tackling the complicated DMV and court process, Lipka Law Colorado, LLC will:

  • Analyze every constitutional aspect of your case, from stop to arrest
  • Defend you in criminal court, including pre-trial hearings, negotiation, and trial
  • Litigate DMV administrative hearings
  • Advise you on how to get your license back quickly and keep it
  • Connect you with experts
  • Analyze complex scientific testing and their implications
  • Advise you regarding employment consequences, including DORA requirements for various Colorado professionals

Work with an experienced DUI attorney from Lipka Law Colorado, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO today.