Know Your Rights to Defend Against Domestic Violence Allegations

You need an established domestic violence attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

Domestic violence charges are very serious. A conviction could affect your freedom, finances, and your parental rights. You need a domestic violence attorney you can count on. Lipka Law Colorado, LLC, based in Colorado Springs, CO, will give your domestic violence case the close attention and strong defense it deserves. The domestic violence laws in Colorado are among the strictest in the United States. David has worked on special task forces and committees at the highest levels in Colorado for years. David understands the intricacies of these cases and applies his deep knowledge and skill when advising clients and litigating in court.

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A domestic violence conviction can:

  • Prohibit contact with your loved ones, including your children
  • Force you to give up your firearms
  • Require you to take months of special classes on top of usual court requirements
  • Endanger your military career